The Silent-System retrofit kit for upright and grand pianos.

Bolduc Pianos is proud to present Adsilent, a brand-new product available for
your piano. The Adsilent silent system adapts to your upright or grand piano,
whether new or used. Already very popular in Europe, Adsilent is the choice of
high-quality piano manufacturers such as Fazioli, Sauter, Seiler, Steingraeber,
Petrof, and in Europe for Boston, Essex, and many others. This system can be
installed in most upright and grand pianos, new or used.

A Revolutionary Musical Experience with Adsilent

Developed by a team of experts in Japan and Europe, Adsilent is the best you
can get on the market for retrofitting silent systems for upright and grand

Discover Adsilent, a major innovation in the world of silent pianos.
Equipped with contactless sensors and exceptional piano sounds, this system
offers you an unparalleled musical experience. Excellent piano sounds with 9+
sample layers and 128 dynamic levels, recorded by European specialists. 100%
touchless key and pedal sensors. Key sensors that are unparalleled in their
space requirements and high precision. Modern features like USB-C, integrated
Bluetooth MIDI** and wireless remote control via app make it unique.

Peace at Home, Ideal for Learning

With Adsilent, practice your piano at any time of the day or night withoutdisturbing your housemates or neighbors. Thanks to its silent system, you canimmerse yourself in your music while maintaining the tranquility of your home. Itis the ideal tool for passionate pianists who want to perfect their playing withoutconstraints.

Adsilent is perfect for learning and teaching music. Connect yourtablet to take online lessons and hear both your teacher and your playingsimultaneously in your headphones. At music school, several students canpractice simultaneously with headphones, allowing the teacher to listen andguide each student individually. This flexibility makes Adsilent a valuable tool foreducational environments, where efficiency and quality of teaching are essential.

Record and Share Your Music, Intuitive Mobile App

Record your performances, whether four-handed or solo, with Adsilent. This
system allows you to play along with your recordings, even in the absence of
your music partner. Moreover, you can digitally record your pieces and send
them to your friends, family, or teacher. Connect Adsilent to your computer or
stereo system for high-quality audio recordings. This feature opens a world of
possibilities for musicians wishing to share their art professionally or simply for
pleasure. The Adsilent app offers quick and easy access to your system's
settings. Adjust sound, reverb, and volume directly from your smartphone.
Record your performances, share them, and enjoy additional features to enhance
your musical experience. The app is free and compatible with Android and iOS
devices. Whether you're at home or on the go, the Adsilent app ensures easy
and flexible management of your music.

Compatibility with Automatic Playing Systems, Cutting-Edge Technical

Adsilent can be combined with automatic playing systems such as PianoDisc
iQ/PRODIGY. Record your music and reproduce it faithfully on your automatic
system. This feature is ideal for pianists who want to enjoy their performances
even in their absence. By combining Adsilent technology with an automatic
playing system, you can transform your piano into an even more versatile and
advanced instrument. The Adsilent system is equipped with contactless optical
sensors for the 88 keys and pedals, ensuring exceptional precision. It offers a
maximum polyphony of 247 notes, 4 GB of sound memory, and various sound

With advanced features such as the Split function, built-in metronome,
and Bluetooth and USB-C MIDI connectivity, Adsilent adapts to all your musical
needs. This level of technology ensures that your piano remains at the forefront
of innovation, offering a high-quality musical experience with every use.