Les systèmes Dampp-Chaser

Dampp-Chaser systems

Protect your piano against changes in relative humidity with a proven humidity control system.

A piano is much more than a piece of furniture; it’s a precisely regulated instrument whose 9,000-odd parts are particularly susceptible to fluctuations in ambient humidity. In order to reduce warping of components and preserve the action of your piano, it is very important to maintain stable relative humidity. Yet very few homes provide the steady 42% humidity level required to ensure optimal piano performance.

When relative humidity is too high, it can cause keys to stick and strings to rust prematurely. Conversely, central heating systems reduce the humidity level to such a degree that they can often cause the piano’s wood parts to contract, resulting in noisy action, tuning problems, and cracks in the soundboard. Under these conditions, it is impossible to keep even the highest quality pianos in tune and prevent deterioration.

By installing a Dampp-Chaser automatic humidity control system, you can provide a safe and stable environment for your piano, resulting in considerable savings on repair and maintenance costs.



The Dampp-Chaser system for grand pianos can be installed out of sight beneath piano tail. It is virtually invisible, even when the piano is on stage. The system includes a precision humidistat that controls a humidifier and dehumidifier. The dehumidifier requires no upkeep and is installed under the soundboard. It circulates a gentle heat that eliminates excess humidity.

The humidifier, which can also be installed under the soundboard, is made up of a water tank and a completely silent evaporation mechanism. This keeps the piano at the right humidity level when the environment becomes too dry. An indicator light panel concealed under the key bed indicates when the system is operating normally, when it is time to fill the water reservoir, and when to replace the pads. The Dampp-Chaser system comes with an accessory for easy filling of the water tank.

The Dampp-Chaser system for upright pianos operates exactly like the grand piano system. The device is installed in the lower part of the piano and is invisible from the outside. It requires only minimal upkeep and provides your piano with an ideal climatic environment, regardless of room temperature, heating, or air conditioning.

The Dampp-Chaser system has been proven effective for over 50 years and in over 250,000 pianos. It is recommended by piano technicians and manufacturers alike. It is inexpensive to operate and comes with a five-year warranty. It’s one of the easiest, most effective ways to protect your piano.


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