Faire l'acquisition d'un piano d'occasion exige quelques précautions

Selecting a good used piano requires more care than when buying a new piano

Although the instrument can be in good condition, the opinion of a serious piano technician can be indispensable if you plan to buy directly from a private owner. Buying a used piano froma storewith a good reputation will give you peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.


Purchasing a used piano can be tricky. Pianos of recent vintage, between 5 and 15 years, are less risky as they are generally considered to be in very new condition. Prices can approach those of new pianos, even though delivery, tuning, and warranty protection are not included. Make sure you’re paying less. But how do you know how much less? To find out the real value of a piano sold privately—especially if the price is over $2,000—consult our technical services.


For pianos more than 25 years old, you absolutely need an expert opinion. Old pianos often have problems caused by wear and dryness. Repair and restoration costs can quickly push up the cost of ownership. Before you buy a piano on impulse, take the time to get a written evaluation of what work needs to be done. For a detailed estimate, call us.


If you opt for a model from the early 1900s or before, we can restore it to new condition by replacing all the parts, notably the soundboard, pinblock, strings, hammers, and keytops. You end up with the piano of your dreams—complete with a gloriously rich sound and noble appearance. Bear in mind, however, that major restoration often exceeds the cost of buying a new piano.

If the person using an old piano is an up-and-coming young musician considering a professional career, it is preferable to choose a high-quality new or nearly new piano. The reason is simple: professional pianists and advanced students practice regularly and diligently. An aging piano mechanism just can’t stand the wear and tear and the exacting demands of a good pianist.

With grand pianos of recognized brands, rebuilding is generally worth the investment, despite the costs. The cabinetry of pianos 50 or more years old is often magnificent and deserves to be restored to its original sound and glory. Don’t hesitate to ask us for a detailed estimate of the work required. We look forward to serving you!

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