The company

Two solid teams. The pledge of a strong company

The owners and founders André Bolduc and Michelle Lord, supported by a solid team of directors and piano technicians, now work at the Montreal store. The store sells Steinway & Sons pianos and offers a range of pre-owned pianos, along with multiple technical services from the home to the concert hall.

Following the acquisition in 2018 of the Saint-Joseph factory and store by Christian Bolduc, a second generation now manages the Beauce facilities. Christian, backed by his sister Catherine, both graduates of the best German and American schools, deliver in Saint-Joseph all the services including retail sales, restoration workshop, manufacturing, and offshore product exporting.


The spark

A professional cabinet-maker by trade, André Bolduc decides to repair his wife’s antique piano.


A passion is born

André decides to attend a training course in the United States and soon becomes an active member of the Piano Technicians Guild, an international association for piano tuners and rebuilders.


Towards perfection

André attends various intensive training courses in Germany and in the United States.


Creation of the BolducBock maple pinblock

Realizing that the quality of the available pinblocks on the market did not correspond to his strict cabinet-making criteria, André creates his own Quebec maple pinblock. Our Canadian sugar maple Acer saccharum turns out to be the best material for this component.


First factory

Following the success of the sales of his maple pinblocks and increase of piano restoration contracts, André builds his first factory and hires two employees.


Further growth

Official opening of a retail store with new and rebuilt pianos.


Opening of Arquemuse music school

Michelle Lord, André’s wife and associate, gets involved in the cultural field and creates the Arquemuse Music School, which she directs for 25 years.


Creation of the Bolduc soundboard

Realizing that most soundboards in older pianos often have numerous cracks, André advocates for Canadian white spruce as the raw material for his new soundboard. He rapidly obtains a first contract from an American manufacturer and is forced to expand the original workshop to meet the increasing demand.


A saw mill in our own yard!

The art of the quarter-sawn cut - specific to the making of all stringed instruments - does not correspond to the standards industrial sawmills in Quebec. André consequently installs his own sawmill to quarter-saw logs in accordance with the traditional practices familiar to Luthiers and piano makers for centuries.


Succession assured

Already involved in the company during their studies, Christian and Catherine Bolduc move to Germany to pursue intensive training in piano manufacturing, tuning and design.


Arquemuse Concerts

The generous participation of the Saint-Joseph parish council allows for the creation of a concert society – Arquemuse Concerts – offering recitals and high level classical concerts, along with a jazz component, for five years.


Montreal store opening

André and Michelle at Pianos Bolduc expand and open a piano retail store on Blvd. St-Laurent in Montreal.


Steinway & Sons authorized dealer

It is in October of 2011 that Pianos Bolduc officially becomes the new Steinway & Sons, Boston and Essex exclusive dealer for the province of Quebec. Its 30 years of expertise in the piano field thus recognized, this new banner store represents the culmination of a lifelong career of dedication to the musical arts.


Christian Bolduc acquires the factory in Saint-Joseph

In June 2018, Christian, who has been directing the Saint-Joseph facilities for ten years, officially becomes the owner of Pianos Bolduc Inc. A second generation of the family-owned company that has gained worldwide recognition in the piano field is now firmly established.

  • ANDRÉ Bolduc
    Pianos Bolduc Montréal Inc.

    Born in Montreal in 1947, André Bolduc attended Academie Roussin and initially considered a career in the armed forces. He then studied at Royal Military College in Saint-Jean and his interest in aviation led him to take flying lessons as he obtained his commercial pilot’s license in 1969.

    After studying management and procedures, André quickly became a qualified manager of large numbers of personnel at Sicard Machinerie, Canadian Buttons, and Thibault Furniture. He then took up a career as a police officer with the Sûreté du Québec and in 1978, he was transferred to Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce. There, he became a qualified cabinet maker. Having developed an acute knowledge of woodworking and the time-honoured traditions of furniture making, André bought an Ivers & Pond grand piano for his wife, Michelle, and proceeded to rebuild it. This was essentially the genesis of the family enterprise.

    For more than 30 years André has developed into a highly skilled and world-renowned piano craftsman and a major retailer of new pianos in Montreal and Quebec City. He has also become a very popular instructor at the Piano Technicians Guild conferences, teaching new techniques and revolutionary methods for piano repairs. Due to his expertise and innovations, André has acquired a worldwide reputation as a piano restorer and maker of components and fine products for the piano.

    September 2008 is the grand opening of Pianos Bolduc Montreal on Blvd St-Laurent. December 2011, Pianos Bolduc Montreal becomes the new exclusive authorized dealer of Steinway & Sons pianos for the Province of Quebec.

    President and Chief Executive
    Pianos Bolduc Inc.

    At an early age, Christian showed an obvious interest in working with wood and often accompanied his father to the woodworking shop. After finishing high school in 1993, Christian enrols in cabinet making at the National Furniture School in Victoriaville.

    On his return to Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce, he begins restoring pianos with his father before pursuing, in 1996, intensive training in piano production at the Schimmel piano factory in Braunschweig, Germany. After returning to Canada, he perfects his art of installing pinblocks and soundboards with a renowned piano rebuilder, Peter Mohr, owner of the New England Classic Piano Restoration at Manchester, New Hampshire.

    Christian offers tutorial classes about pinblock and soundboard replacement all around the world for the Piano Technicians Guild as well as the Europiano association.

    In June 2018, Christian, who has been directing the Saint-Joseph facilities for ten years, officially becomes the owner of Pianos Bolduc inc. A second generation of the family-owned company that has gained worldwide recognition in the piano field is now firmly established.

    Executive Director
    Pianos Bolduc Montreal Inc.

    Michelle was born in New Brunswick where she completed her academic studies and her musical diploma before moving to Montreal and later to Quebec City. She held positions as secretary/receptionist at McLean Budden Investment Managers, at the Industrielle Compagnie d’assurance sur la vie, and finally as principal secretary at W. Rourke Ltd, general contractor.

    In 1978, newly arrived in Beauce with her family, Michelle quickly became interested in the activities of André’s piano rebuilding business, and continued to be involved in the development and evolution of the company Les Pianos André Bolduc.

    Michelle has managed the family business since the very beginning in 1978 and now acts as general manager for Pianos Bolduc Montreal, exclusive distributor of Steinway & Sons pianos for the Province of Quebec.

    Sales Director and Technician/Tuner
    Pianos Bolduc Inc.

    Following her technical and piano-tuning studies in Toronto in 1995, Catherine continued her year-long training at the Schimmel Piano Technicians School, adjacent to the Schimmel piano factory in Braunschweig, Germany. In 1998, she took a course on QRS MIDI system installation at the Story & Clark factory in Seneca, Pennsylvania.

    Throughout her career, Catherine has aspired to the status of concert technician, having successfully completed numerous intensive training seminars at world class piano manufacturers Fazioli, Schimmel, Sauter, Bösendorfer, and more recently at Steinway & Sons where she received advanced training on the SPIRIO system. She is an alumnus of the Piano Technicians Guild since 2003 and acts as a consultant for numerous Asian manufacturers.

    Catherine is the sales director for the Quebec and Beauce regions. Thanks to her broad experience, Catherine is critically acclaimed as an in-demand concert technician and is able to serve our most demanding clients such as recording studios and concerts halls everywhere in Quebec.

  • Jean-Francois Aubin
    Pianos Bolduc Montreal Inc.

    Jean-François started with us in March 2013 as assistant director. Backed by his experience in the music industry sales field, Jean-François efficiently manages the store on Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

    Among other things, he takes care of the computing and social network departments. He coordinates the piano rental services for music events and consults with the technicians who offer in-home service. Jean-François is a talented manager who is indispensable at our Montreal store.

    Administrative assistant
    Pianos Bolduc Inc.

    Kathleen is with our Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce team since 2002 and occupies several management tasks. First receptionist-telephone operator, she manages the import/export of pianos and other international goods. She also performs many administrative and accounting tasks.


    At Bolduc Pianos, the trees are of paramount importance in the manufacture of piano components, which is why we pay very special attention to them.


    We only collaborate with suppliers who are committed to reforestation and we acquire logs from forests that are officially listed as reforested and perpetuated.


    We are constantly researching and developing new ways to optimize the use of our number one raw material — wood.


    We recover wood waste and make it available to local residents. Sawdust is used as bedding on local farms and bark for heating maple sugar shacks. We sell to Quebec luthiers shorter pieces to be used for acoustic bracing in guitars.We recover shorter maple pieces for use by Abel, the German hammer company for making piano action parts, such as hammers (Bolduc Blue brand) and shanks.