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Pianos Bolduc Montréal

Steinway & Sons model A – NY (1901) mahogany

Steinway & Sons model A – NY (1901) mahogany

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Steinway & Sons model A manufactured in 1901 in New York, 6' 2'' (188cm) This piano was completely refurbished with a Bolduc soundboard and 5-ply quarter-sawn pinblock. It has a new, full Renner action, meaning that the hammer shanks, hammer heads, dampers, keys and key tops have all been renovated. The strings, tuning pins and all action parts have been replaced with genuine Steinway & Sons parts. The current mahogany finish and the original hardware make the instrument as beautiful as a state-of-the-art Steinway. The assorted bench is included.

This instrument has a rich, full sound with a very responsive action. A piano to discover! Description of the work carried out:

− New White spruce soundboard (Bolduc)

− New quarter-cut 5-ply maple pinblock (Bolduc)

− Fully restored cast iron plate − Hardware polished

− New treble and bass strings (Steinway)

− German Klinke tuning pins (Steinway)

− New keytop

− New repetition, shanks and hammers (Steinway)

− Damper felts (Steinway)

− Completely restored pedal work

− High-polish mahogany polyester finish

− Bench included

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