Sommier d’érable BolducBlock

Bolducblock Maple Pinblock


The hard-rock maple BolducBlock was our first product to be exported around the world. It is recognized as the best pinblock in the world by piano manufacturers and high-end re-builders from all countries. The pinblock plays a major role in the piano. It ensures stability of the tuning pins as it retains the tension of the entire set of strings (about 42000 lbs).

The Bolduc pinblock is made from hard-rock maple quarter-sawn to ensure stability in the wood. It is then laminated and cross-grain glued in 5-layer panels. These panels are cold-pressed for a minimum of 24 hours. They are then stacked for 2 to 3 months in our warehouse to cure. The piano industry appreciates the maneuverability of our pinblock. They can control perfectly the tuning procedure and appreciate the stability and adaptability of the pinblock planks. A piano which is not stable is of little interest to the pianist. During the process of a piano re-building, the project should definitely include the replacement of the pinblock to guarantee your investment. The Bolduc pinblock is designed for professional use in concert halls, conservatories and universities where the pianos are tuned regularly and frequently.

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