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Performance Edition Model GP-215

Performance Edition Model GP-215

Featuring a maple inner rim and Octagrip™ pinblock, this grand piano remains an unavoidable choice for many institutions, festivals, and mid-sized performance venues.

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Length: 215cm
Width: 155cm
Weight: 404kg

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GP-215 PE

- Maple Inner Rim
- Octagrip™ Pinblock
- Tapered Solid Spruce Soundboard
- Mapes Bass Strings
- All Wooden Action Parts
- Casters with Double Brass Wheels
- Polished Brass Hardware
- Slow-Fall Fallboard
- Full Sostenuto
- Locking Top and Fallboard
- Attractive Molded Top
- Synthetic Ivory and Ebony Key Covers

Measures and weight

Length: 215cm
Width: 155cm
Weight: 404kg