Prisée par les grands !

Selected by serious people !

The Bolduc white spruce soundboard definitely represents one of the best products on the market for piano manufacturers and high-end re-builders. Manufactures using the very best selection of quality woods, each step in the production of a soundboard is carefully followed to ensure stability for exporting around the world.

We at Pianos Bolduc are very proud to participate in the construction of the best pianos in the world! Our lumber is selected following established criteria. After several years of negotiation with the forest industry, we have come to an agreement which allows our company to have access to the quality spruce which otherwise would serve for house building or other domestic use. This is a plus for both economy and ecology. Each log is quarter-sawn at our sawmill in Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce. Then it is stacked outside in our lumber yard for a slow air-drying process which can last for a period of 12 months and more. The quarter-sawn cut is required for the music industry, especially for the making of violins, guitars and piano soundboards. This special cutting procedure consists of splitting the tree in 4 quarters, right through the heart of the log for stability in the wood. When the spruce lumber reaches maturity, each plank is carefully selected by hand and classified following a procedure including color match, annual ring consistency and purity of the raw material. This long procedure is our quality commitment to our long-time customers who each have their own specifications and criteria. A quality soundboard raises tone and prestige for all pianos, new or re-built. The Bolduc soundboard has proven over the years stable and reliable; a must for the demanding North-American climate.

This cut, which consists of splitting the tree right through the heart (into 4 quarters) promotes the stability of the wood.

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